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Former Sixers guard TJ McConnell says criticizing Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, is unfair

the6man May 25

Photo: NBC Sports

TJ McConnell was a fan favorite during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers. The Pacers’ Point Guard joined The Bell Ringer podcast and talked among other things about his time in Philly and his former teammates Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

“I see that if you are a great talent, a great player like these two, you will be criticized. People will not choose your game no matter what it is. I think it is fair “Absolutely not,” said McConnel per USA today.

Simmons is facing negative reactions for not shooting even though he did everything else on the ground for McConnell for the 76ers.

“He does everything on such an elite level and that’s what happens. People won’t choose the one you’re struggling with and he works and works and works and that’s all you can really ask for.” McConnell continued. “He is elite in almost everything else. He leads a team, gets people involved, he can defend and there is no perfect player. He has been great so far and continues to work. That is all you can really ask for. “

For the Pacers guard, criticism always goes with the “territory” being great, and he believes Joel Embiid is the best “big guy” in today’s game.

“With Joel, I think that he is the most dominant big in our game today and inside and out. As I said, do I think the criticism is fair? No, but it’s part of being a great player, ”he added.

Here’s the full episode of the “Bell Ringer Podcast”.

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