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Frank Vogel talks about possible WCF between Lakers and Clippers

the6man Aug 01

Frank Vogel
Photo via ESPN

Los Angeles’ two teams, the Lakers and Clippers, are expected by many to meet in the Western Conference final. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel was asked by Mike Bresnahan of Spectrum SportsNet what would happen to LA if these two teams actually met in the WCF.

“It would be exciting. I don’t know what else to say. It’s unfortunate that LA can’t be a crowded house. The games we played against these guys this year because they obviously have a team that can win anything. I’ve never been in such a basketball environment. It was just super electric in there. Even if we cannot experience that the competitive spirit on the pitch will be the same. Every bar, restaurant and living room across the region will carry the same kind of energy, ”said Vogel.

After the Lakers’ 50th win of the season by beating the Clippers, they caught up with the Boston Celtics, who have had 33 seasons with 50 games in the franchise history.

Both LA teams take first and second place in the west and remain on the way to a possible matchup in the conference final.

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