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Gerald Henderson helped the Celtics steal the second game of the NBA Finals from the Lakers on this day in 1984.

the6man Jun 01

Gerald Henderson scored James Worthy’s pass with 13 seconds left to tie the game with 113 points, plunging the Boston Garden crowd Crazy. The Celtics won 124-121 in overtime and tied for the series first.

Larry Bird Boston had 27 points and 13 rebounds.

Magic Johnson contributed 27 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists to the Los Angeles team. However, he didn’t realize how much time still needs to be controlled, and dribble the ball out of time without losing the ball, thus overtime the game.

The Lakers have another chance to win overtime. They trailed 122-121 with eight seconds left and scored the ball, but because Bob McAdoo stole the ball from him, they failed to shoot again. Bird made two free throws and the Lakers handed over the subsequent goals.

With the Celtics defeating the Lakers in seven games to win the 1984 NBA Finals, this game became a crucial game.

Bird was named the finals MVP.

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