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Gray, Cooper is ready, eager to play in Los Angeles

the6man Jul 05

Reshanda Gray was an important reserve for New York’s Lady Liberty last season. Photo courtesy of The New York Liberty.

Both of the new signing players of the Los Angeles Sparks are uniquely prepared for the WNBA season, and they are eager to play later this month.

Striker Reshanda Gray is a native of the city and will grow up playing Sparks games. He was chopped off by New York Liberty in late May for a last-minute surprise. Not only was she excited about playing for her hometown team, but she also experienced a coronavirus pandemic overseas before arriving in the United States last winter.

Gray said: “One of my favorite childhood memories, in addition to screaming and wearing a T-shirt, I have to say that I have to meet the players after the game.” “I remember being outside (Staples Center) etc. Look at some WNBA players.”

“Then become a part of the game, then go to other places to learn the game, and then go back to the place where it started. So, I think that’s really great, that’s amazing, and the way life works is crazy.”

After engraving her name on Cal Bears Records, Gray was drafted by Minnesota Lynx in 2015 and played for the team and Atlanta Dream for two seasons. She was the last time to advance in 2017 and 2018, and eventually did not participate in the competition. But Gray continues to play overseas in Italy, South Korea and Hungary, and strives to improve his game.

Last year, Gray was selected to the Liberty List as a key spark on the bench, averaging 10 shots per game, averaging 5.2 points and 5.2 rebounds. After the season, she traveled to South Korea and ranked first in the league with her team when COVID-19 arrived in the country. Suddenly, because fans are not allowed, they play on the empty stage.

“So when we came to the remaining three games of the regular season, they decided to suspend this season for two weeks,” Gray said. “We waited for two full weeks, and then on the last day…that was when we discovered that they had canceled the league. This hasn’t even hit the United States.”

Gray had to wait a little longer, and then boarded the plane home after being released. When the pandemic began to spread, she returned to the United States.

“It’s terrible because I don’t think I know. I have to leave one quarantine area and then go to another quarantine area,” Gray said. “So I’m not sure how to deal with things, but in the end I just rely on my beliefs.”

Gray said that South Korea is fully prepared to deal with this virus. When the players are going to Florida and play and live in an isolated environment, South Korea has taken personal safety measures, which makes her full of confidence.

“You have to take precautions. She will take care of herself, keep a distance from society, wear masks, wash her hands, and keep away from other people’s faces,” she said.

As the coronavirus pandemic shut down college sports, Te'a Cooper's high school season ended in early March. Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images.
As the coronavirus pandemic shut down college sports, Te’a Cooper’s high school season ended in early March. Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images.

Last season, the unique college career of trained defender Te’a Cooper reached its zenith when she was helping guide Baylor to defend their possible 2019 national championship title. The Bears only lost two games a year, so they are highly sought after. But on March 12, the NCAA temporarily canceled this game and this season’s game. Cooper swallowed this medicine.

She said: “Oh, we just lost, we lost a game in the regular season, that is the worst thing.” “We worked hard for a week of practice, we are on the plane, in fact, we are only on the plane Everyone sat down, they stopped the plane, they said we can’t go to the big world. 12 games.”

The Phoenix Mercury team drafted Cooper, but finalized the roster. Despite this, she continues to exercise, hoping to have a chance with another team.

She said, “I can’t do anything.” “And I can only control myself, so I stay in the gym, I am lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the sparkle competition, so I mean, I am glad that I am not fascinated by myself, nor Fall into that hole. I really remain optimistic.”

Gray, the leader of the Washington Preparatory High School, is excited about her birth city.

She said: “When I put on the Spark jersey, I think I might cry.” “Realizing my own purple and gold and playing for my home team is a dream come true.”

“I don’t know how many people, maybe outside Lisa Leslie, I’m from Los Angeles, they went to California to go to school, and then they finally returned to their hometown and started professional competition. I Think this is amazing. So I am absolutely looking forward to it. Not only that, I can also play with some great vets.”

Cooper played in Tennessee and South Carolina before moving to Baylor. She said she learned a lot from the three head coaches she played.

She said: “Holly Warlick, Dawn Staley, Kim Mulkey, and now (Spark Coach) Derek Fisher is really It’s crazy. “And I learned a lot from everyone. “

“In Tennessee, I played an important role as a freshman, but I had to act quickly and adapt and become a leader. Then playing for Dawn Staley was really amazing. She taught me on and off the court Many things, including personality and interpersonal relationships, and truly being a good person. And I think Kim Mulkey taught me that no matter what you experience, whether you want to go there, just step on the floor, you You will know the consistency of effort and energy. And be consistent every day.”

Cooper said she looks forward to working with Fisher.

She said: “Now I want to play for Derek Fisher, I think I will establish a relationship with him.” “In fact, he played in the NBA, now he is a coach and knows that he owns the game Two aspects of it, which is cool for him and able to absorb all of them.”

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