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Gregg Popovich gives a lecture on racial injustice before the game against the grizzlies

the6man Aug 03

Via mysanantonio.com

Gregg Popovich is not afraid to express his opinion on basketball and non-basketball topics. Before the game against the Memphis Grizzlies, the future Hall of Famer was asked about the status of Marco Bellinelli.

Popovich had a long lecture on racial and social injustice before giving up his player’s availability update.

(over Eurohoops.net):

“Our top priority in terms of country and society is racial justice, indeed racial injustice that exists in our country, and trying to do everything for everyone. Just a reminder, in this world, many people really don’t understand the breadth and depth of this terrible situation that blacks have been in for so long. And I just want to give you an example. We all do this on our game days when we find an opportunity just so people understand how disgusting we were. Not just now, but in the past. It didn’t just happen. It’s been like this for hundreds of years. “

“As an example: Today, 120 years ago, a constitutional amendment was passed in North Carolina that introduced a literacy test for black people that they had to pass before they could vote. White people did not have the same literacy test and it was so crude that they established the rule that you could vote if you had a relative who voted before 1863 and you are still illiterate. So that meant that whites could vote if they had a relative who voted before 1863. Well, blacks were enslaved and had no relatives to vote before 1863. So you were disenfranchised. ” he said via Royce Young.

There was a former Confederate officer, William Guthrie, who made a statement on the eve of the election and basically said … this was very necessary to protect the white women from being unable to take to the streets and not feel safe when you are alone. We have to keep the colored people away from them. He therefore only stressed this on the eve of the elections to ensure that their path was the rule under which people had to live. “,” Pop continued.

“This type of activity went on and on all the time. And again it’s about education and culture, and none of us knew such things, none of us learned these things. Black, brown, Asian, Indian – it doesn’t matter, none of us have learned these things. Hopefully, if people understand how bad this situation is and how long it has been so bad, we can make progress. “

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