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Gregg Popovich snatches “hypocritical” NFL owners who support Trump

the6man Jun 15

Gregg Popovich’s severe criticism of NFL team owners including Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft has destroyed some of the most influential figures in sports Too.

When talking to the New York Times about racial equality, the Spurs’ long-term coaches were asked by seven NFL owners. Their team publicly promoted equality, but everyone gave Trump’s inaugural committee $1 million.

“It’s just hypocrisy,” Popovich told the Times. “It’s contradictory. It doesn’t make sense. People are not blind. Are you going to employees and players to discuss injustice and democracy, and how to protest? I don’t understand I think they put themselves in an untenable position.”

In the same interview, Popovich said that he had recently held talks with players from the African American Spurs, which made him realize that even he needs to do better in the fight for racial equality.

The emotional Popovich said of the meeting: “It will make you cry.” “It is deeper than you think, and this really made me start thinking: you are a ch, a privileged child, but you Still not getting what you think. You have to work harder. You have to pay more attention. You have to be forced and embarrassed. You have to shout.”

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