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Hebrew strides forward and adapts in the first week

the6man Jul 17

Her coach said that Ruthy Hebard has made great progress in the one-week training camp. Photo courtesy of Chicago Sky.

When Chicago Sky took Oregon forward Ruthy Hebard at the eighth overall pick in the April draft, many easy-going Americans returned to her birth city.

She is a newborn baby, grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, and became a duck. In her senior year, her offensive efficiency led the NCAA by an astonishing 65.1%.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced the WNBA to enter a spot this season, Hebard’s return was put on hold. However, if it can herald the first week of training camp, she will be Fengcheng’s favorite.

In Oregon, she averaged 16.4 points and 9 rebounds, but at 6-4, she was considered a small WNBA. Another shock for Hibbert was her shooting from a distance. In the era of three-pointers for back players, she had more return games because she didn’t have a three-point shooting percentage in her career. Her free throw percentage is only 68%.

Chicago Sky’s head coach James Wade sees Hibold’s huge potential.

“She beat the player in offensive rebounds and lags behind the player in pick-and-roll, so she is doing more things that we see at the university level, and she is doing high-level things because she is working with us Defenders against each other.” He said.

“We like the progress she has made, but we know she is a rookie and she will have to overcome these mistakes.”

Compared to striker Jantel Lavender’s end-of-season foot surgery a few weeks ago, Hebard will have more rest time than she could have.

Wade said: “This is a great opportunity for (Hebrew).” “We think she is ready to meet this challenge.”

When developing all business on the court, Hebard was enthusiastic outside the court, and her new teammates appreciated her.

“I love Russi,” forward Xian Parker said. “Everything she brings to the team is great. I love her personality and how she learns very, very fast in drama, jargon and team friendliness. Ruthy is doing very well. She will fit the system very well. Her attitude Very good, progressing every day.”

Herbard said her teammates made the adjustment from college to professional basketball much easier.

Stephanie [Dolson] Both on and off the court helped me a lot, as did Diamond [DeShields]”Herbert said. “Diamond is a great person. From the first day, she was very good, very helpful and pick me up, so I am very happy to be her teammate. “

“I have a great team. They are all excellent and understand that I am a rookie.”

In her new lineup, the most important link may be its forward All-Star point guard Courtney Van der Slot. Both athletes are excellent pick-and-roll players, and they may be too difficult when opposing defense. In addition, Hebard and Vandersloot both play under the leadership of Oregon coach Kelly Graves.

Hibb said: “It’s nice to talk to Courtney.” “She told a story about Coach Graves, so let’s talk about it. She is one of the best point guards I have ever played with. It’s fun for her to pick and roll. It’s easy to play with her.”

Wade has been encouraging Hebard to let it go.

Hibbert said: “At first I just thought too much, the coach and Courtney said:’Don’t think about it, go to the game, every day I get better, just go to the game and understand the offense and defense.” ” I know that once I start playing the game, it becomes smoother.”

She knew she had to become stronger when she transitioned to professional players.

She said: “This is definitely different from college.” “Girls are better rebounders and stronger rebounders, so I definitely want to work hard for this and make it a strength this season.”

Hubbard is still playing at the other end of the court.

She said: “I’m making progress in low positions-be patient with the ball, get on and off the ball, spin, swing the ball and the like,” she said. “This is what I need to do at this level, because these girls are so smart, so big and strong.”

Her college teammates (first pick Sabrina Ionescu and second pick Satou Sabally) may have been selected before the trial, but Hibbert The chance of winning in the WNBA is the biggest, because she joined the majority of players.

“Everyone is very focused and determined,” Hebard said of his teammates. “I think every player on the sky is an athlete and a competitor, so entering the competitive atmosphere will make you want to be better.”

“It makes you eager to win the game, win the practice, and win the whole game. So it’s fun to join a team that cares about you, loves you from the beginning, is full of competition, and hopes that you will be part of the success we are about to have.”

Hubbard was determined to leave his mark.

“I just want to try my best to be the best, no matter what they need me to do. I want to make an impact.”

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This post is written by Sherron Shabazz


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