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Horace Grant is called Michael Jordan

the6man May 20

Former Chicago Bulls forward Horace Grant returned to Michael Jordan on the grounds that Jordan Jordan (MJ) commented on him in the ESPN documentary “The Last Dance.”

Grant was a member of the Bulls from 1988-1994, and he commented on ES & 1000’s Kap and Co. in Chicago on Tuesday.

Grant said, “This is an outright lie.”

These comments refer to Jordan ’s comment on Grant ’s leak in Sam Smith ’s infamous “Jordan Rules” book.

In the documentary, Jordan stated that Grant had released many of the personal information mentioned in this book to Smith.

However, Grant does not think so.

Grant said: “Lie, lie, lie … If MJ hates me, let us solve this problem like a man.”

“Sam and I have always been good friends. We are still good friends. But, due to the sacredness of that dressing room, I will never put any personal belongings here.”

Grant continued: “It’s just a resentment, man. I tell you, it’s just a resentment. And I think he proved it in this so-called documentary. If you say something to him, he will cut you off. Attention, he will try to destroy your character. “

Grant won three NBA championships with Jordan from 1991-1993.

Of course, the first example that comes to mind is Charles Barkley and how his friendship with MJ has deteriorated.

Grant continued: “I mean, he said I was a whistleblower, but 35 years later, he still brought his rookie season into a room with his teammates and saw Coke, weeds and women. My The point is: why did he mention the death penalty? What does it have to do with it? I mean, if you want to give someone a small report, it is really a damn small report. “

Horace Grant also does not approve of Jordan’s treatment of certain teammates.

When Jordan claimed in the documentary that he was selfish in postponing surgery after the 1997 season, he even defended Scottie Pippen.

Grant also explained why he called the documentary series “the so-called documentary”.

Grant said: “Basically, when the so-called documentary is about a person, he has a final decision on what to put there … This is not a documentary.”

“This is his narrative about what happened in the last quote-cancel quote-dance.”

“That’s not a documentary, because it’s cut and edited a lot of things. So that’s why I call it a so-called documentary.” Grant said.

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