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Houston Rockets practice facility opens on May 18

the6man May 17

Daryl Morey Houston missiles
Photo: Bill Baptist, NBAE / Getty Images

The Houston Rockets are the newest NBA team planning to reopen their doors to the practice facility on May 18.

Daryl Morey, General Manager of Rockets, announced the news in a tweet, with Adrian Wojnarowski confirming this.

“@ HoustonRockets players are back at the facility on Monday!” Morey tweeted.

As the restrictions on coronaviruses are eased in some parts of the country, teams have started to open their facilities to limited, voluntary training sessions.

Wojnarowski recently noted that the NBA is hoping for this 22 of the 30 teams will be open until May 18th.

Players are allowed to train for one hour at a time, and temperature checks are performed before entering the facility.

Players must also wear masks when they are not on the court.

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