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How good was Jason Williams?

the6man Jun 10

Photo: NBA.com

Jason Williams (7th choice of the 1998 NBA draft from the Sacramento Kings), better known for his nickname “White Chocolate”, was one of the most innovative and eye-catching players in NBA history. Although his NBA career was not as good as he had hoped, he brought his own flair to a changing NBA landscape Andy Hoops::

His NBA statistics are 8,286 points (10.5 PPG), 1,810 rebounds (2.3 RPG) and 4,611 assists (5.9 APG). However, after completing his career, Williams receives recognition of what he has done in the active years:

“My buddy, you were stupid out there !! The league was not ready for what you owned. I definitely wish I was at the end of one [of] these praises or no looks ”

LeBron James on the highlights of Jason Williams

Photo: KingJames / Instagram

The most amazing passes from Jason Williams:

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