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If someone wins the COVID-19 midseason, how will the 2020 playoffs work?

the6man Jun 25

Normality has almost abandoned all aspects of life, including all aspects of basketball and the NBA playoffs.

So far, you already know that the rest of the season will be at Disneyland’s ESPN Sports World Near Orlando, but still confused about the new playoff format.

So let us clarify.

The first thing to know is that according to the NBA’s overall plan, 13 teams in the Western Conference and 9 teams in the Eastern Conference will each participate in eight regular season games to determine the final regular season ranking.

If the ninth seed team ends the regular season in four games of the eighth seed, the two teams will play off the final playoff seats.

The ninth seed needs to defeat the eighth seed to advance twice, and the eighth seed only needs to win once.

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From there, the usual playoff format begins.

If you forget this, the teams that have not invited them to retrain this season include the Eagles, Knicks, Hornets, Bulls, Cavaliers, Pistons, Warriors and Timberwolves.

Now, everyone is talking about another big problem…

What happens if a player detects a positive coronavirus reaction this season?

If a player detects a positive coronavirus this season, they will be immediately quarantined and retested to ensure that their initial diagnosis is not a false positive.

If the second test also returns positive, the player will rest and recover in isolation for at least 14 days.

They will also be restricted from exercising and be required to pass a cardiac examination before returning to the court.

According to ESPN, this is because doctors working with the NBA are concerned about the potential cardiovascular risk of this virus.

At the same time, it is worth noting that players who have recently tested positives — Nikola Jokic, Buddy Hield, Malcolm Brogdon and Jabari Parker — all want to stay healthy until the July 30 season resumes.

How many players must test positive for the league to close again?

There is no specific answer to this question in the NBA’s lengthy security plan.

According to ESPN, the only country that mentions the subject is: “A small or expected number of COVID-19 cases will not require a decision to suspend or cancel the review”.

I hope we never have to find out how to deal with the worst situation in the NBA playoffs.

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This post is written by Nick Jungfer


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