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Isiah Thomas believes that the appreciation of Pistons fans helped Derrick Rose improve the game

the6man Nov 02

Derrick Rose
Image: Ned Dishman / Getty Images

Isiah Thomas shared his thoughts on Derrick Rose becoming a Detroit Pistons superstar.

Thomas believes that the appreciation of Pistons fans helped Rose improve the game.

“Because he came out from Chicago and played for the Chicago Bulls, then became the youngest MVP and had the type of success he had, and then he has always brought his own humility and humility… Chicago.

When he was injured and bounced around in the league, I was very happy that he came to Detroit, because now not only can I ally with him, but I know we have a fan base that supports Derrick Rose as a person. Appreciation (Keywords: Appreciation) The type of players they have acquired later in their basketball career.

Now I think it is because the Pistons fans appreciate Derrick Rose. I think it improved his game a bit, made him feel better about himself, and gave him more confidence.

From a basketball perspective, this is the love and community of Detroit… When they fall behind and push you, please look at me; a little guy.

Because of my love for Detroit and my connection with Detroit, I won the back-to-back championship. When they are behind you, hey… they lift you, they lift you, they lift you, they fight for you,” said Thomas, who has won two NBA championships and a member of the Hall of Fame. Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Heavy.com.

As far as this season is concerned, Rose has averaged 18.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists in the Pistons’ 50 games this season.

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