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Isiah Thomas explains why LeBron James is the goat

the6man Nov 01

LeBron James Finale
Photo: Twitter / NBA

Isiah Thomas spoke again about the GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

The NBA Hall of Famer explained why he thinks James is the GOAT.

“So when you look at what the goat means to us, to rise up in society and speak for the voiceless in our community. You can be a champion on the ground and you can be a champion on the ground.

So what he did statistically – the numbers don’t lie. But what he did OUTSIDE the field of play doesn’t lie either. So you know that when it comes to passing, dribbling, shooting, and ricocheting, you are a complete basketball player. Nobody did what statistically they did in EVERY single category.

Now we had players who dominated a category. But we’ve never had a player who has dominated across the board in so many statistical categories. And this is LeBron James, ”said Thomas Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson from Heavy.com.

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