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J. Cole and PUMA debut RS-Dreamer basketball shoes

the6man Jul 28

J Cole announced in February that he and shoe manufacturer PUMA will become partners in basketball shoes.

The debut RS-Dreamer basketball shoe.

These shoes often appear on the feet of PUK athletes, such as Kyle Kuzma and Deandre Ayton.

The collaboration shoe of J Cole and PUMA is a versatile shoe that feels as good at home as it feels on and off the court.

The RS-Dreamer’s heel is decorated with J Cole’s Dreamer logo.

He went on to explain his logo and said: “Speaking aloud, all the best dreams sound crazy. The belief in creating dreamers is that no matter how difficult they may seem to be achieved by others, we must still follow our dream.”

In addition to the logo, this pair of shoes also has a 5/8 cut and a sleek black upper, a new lacing system and colorful details around the midsole, with bright yellow, red, purple and mint decorations.

The technology in the shoe comes from the repositioned logo positioning of the PUMA RS series, which provides a fast and responsive on-field feel.

It combines ProFoam for basketball and a multi-functional traction mode with full surface grip.

Although RS-Dreamer is the core of performance shoes, its design is also very casual.

Cole said: “Over the years, the technical level and comfort of basketball shoes have made great progress, but they are far from being fashionable enough to achieve cultural relevance.”

“The dreamer hopes to change this reality. The highest level of on-court performance meets the highest level of aesthetic design for daily wear. Once again, you can wear shoes that you wear outside.

The J Cole x PUMA RS-Dreamer will be on sale at Foot Footer and other footwear retailers on July 31, starting at $125.

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