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Ja Morant asked the judge to demolish the Allied Monument

the6man Jun 14

Jay Morant

Memphis Grizzlies point guard and predecessor Murray Star Jay Morant Request a Kentucky judge to demolish the Alliance Monument in downtown Murray.

In a letter to Caloway County Judge on Thursday, Morant said: “From the moment I stepped into campus and became a Murray State community, Murray felt like a second hometown.”

“As a young black man, I cannot emphasize enough how disturbing and frustrating it is to know that the city still recognizes an allied war general who defends white supremacy and hatred.”

The monument is based on the statue of Robert E. Lee and was built in 1917 to commemorate Allied soldiers in Karloway County.

Last month, after George Floyd died in police custody, Morant made a request after demolishing many League statues and monuments across the United States.

Moran wrote: “In view of the recent events and the “Black Life Problems” movement, it is necessary to take immediate action.” “Unless the racist celebration is changed, we cannot change the racist culture.”

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