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Ja Morant says NBA game format is unfair to Grizzlies

the6man Aug 02

Ja Morant doubled the importance of the eight games of the regular season, as the Memphis Grizzlies sprinted to the eighth seed in the Western Conference and won the playoffs.

Speech at ESPN jump, The odds for the Grizzlies star and rookie-of-the-year leader show that the bubble situation is unfair to his team and has brought benefits to other Western playoff competitors. However, Morant quickly noticed that they were almost powerless to change their environment.

“We can’t control this,” Morant said. “I just think this is an extra bargaining chip [on the shoulder], You know? pour oil on the flame, [and] Give us more motivation. “

The current situation is as follows:

For now, the Grizzlies have 8 seeds, and they have a 3.5 lead in the three Western Conferences (Portland, Sacramento and New Orleans) that are still in hot pursuit. Morant’s complaint lies in the implementation of the NBA’s new bubble format, that is, when the eight regular-season/seeded games are over, Memphis must lead a full game (4.5 points) before the closest competitor in the West. Participate in the competition to determine the final playoff position.

The Grizzlies’ regular season will also be delicious. They will play three of the four closest competitors in the next eight games.

Under the leadership of rookie coach Taylor Jenkins (Taylor Jenkins), Memphis has always been one of the good stories of the year. Even for casual basketball fans, they exceeded most people’s expectations of entering the franchise this season. This is not an exaggeration for Morant.

“By this season, we are expected to be ranked 29th, now look at us,” Morant said. “We [The Grizzlies] Just use it as fuel. We are all hungry, [and] We know our capabilities. “

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