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Jacque Vaughn was said to be the favorite to train the 2020/21 networks

the6man Jul 03

Jacque Vaughn
Photo: Chris Elise / Getty Images

According to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, Jacque Vaughn is the favorite for the takeover of Brooklyn Nets.

Vaughn replaced Kenny Atkinson and coached the nets for two games before the NBA suspension.

Although the networks are ready to search for a coach, Wojnarowski believes Vaughn is the favorite to become Brooklyn’s permanent head coach.

“He is the head coach. You didn’t make him an interim coach. I think the networks are considering the possibility of a search, but I would give Jacque Vaughn anyway – I would take Jacque Vaughn against the field now,” said Wojnarowski said in his podcastabout Real GM.

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