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Jacque Vaughn’s relationship with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving begins to develop

the6man Jul 05

Photo: Yahoo Sports

Brooklyn Nets interim coach Jacque Vaughn will lead the team to restart the NBA in Orlando.

The former assistant coach talked about his relationship with the Nets superstar duo and how often he communicated with them after becoming head coach.

Vaughn said at the Zoom conference on Saturday: “My conversations with these guys are usually based on my check-in to see how they are performing.” Each new york post.

“Some conversations will enter basketball, some conversations will lead to life conversations, and some conversations may lead to,’I have a podcast for you to listen to.’ So the scope is very wide. For me, more is knowing that I am thinking about them. “

Neither Durant nor Irving will join the Nets in Orlando’s “bubble”, nor will DeAndre Jordan.

Vaughan really has a chance to become one of the Nets’ head coaches next season, According to recent reports.

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