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Jamal Crawford: The opportunity to play again was greater than 51 points

the6man Jul 11

Photo by Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images

Brooklyn Nets’ newly contracted veteran, Jamal Crawford, wasn’t tempted to miss 51 points in his last game when his NBA left the field.

“It wasn’t tempting. It was more:” If I don’t get a deal, it was a hell of a way to get out. ” Crawford said about Marc Stein from The New York Times. “But the opportunity to play again was bigger for me than the last game. My love for the game exceeds how great this game was. “

In Dirk Nowitzki’s last home game last season, Crawford scored 51 points for the Phoenix Suns.

In this game Crawford broke two NBA records.

At 39 years and 20 days, he was the oldest player to score more than 50 points in one game because Michael Jordan’s old record was held at 38 years and 315 days.

Crawford also scored the most points (51) for a player who came off the bench as Nick Anderson’s old record was held at 50 points.

It will be fun to see what Crawford can do for the networks when the NBA restarts.

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