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Jared Dudley informs players that they need at least 5 games to prepare for the season

the6man May 26

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers / Twitter

Since NBA suspension season From March 11, players can only use any practice facility, and there is no five-to-five basketball. Therefore, before the season resumes, it will take more time to restore the basketball state.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Jared Dudley had previously tweeted that players need at least 2/3 weeks of training and 7/10 regular season games to prepare for the playoffs.

According to the latest report, the NBA considers entering the playoffs directly after the season resumes. The problem of players preparing for the playoffs has appeared on Twitter again. Dudley responded in a tweet that players “have conveyed the message” that they need at least 5 games to prepare for this season. It is not known what solution the Alliance will propose, but the Lakers veteran is confident that Commissioner Adam Silver will find a solution.

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