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Jared Dudley is 90 percent convinced of it [NBA] Return ‘

the6man May 21

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers / Twitter

Los Angeles Lakers striker Jared Dudley is 90 percent confident that the NBA season will resume. According to him, the only thing stopping him from being 100% safe is the unknown of what could happen to a coronavirus pandemic.

The 34-year-old veteran spoke publicly about how important it is for everyone, especially players, to resume the season as the cancellation would have a financial impact on them.

Per Melissa Rohlin from Sports Illustrated::

“At the moment, 90 percent are confident of returning,” Dudley said in a conference call on Wednesday. “The only reason why I wouldn’t say 100 percent is that you are dealing with the unknown virus, which can occur at any time. You always talk about the second wave or something unexpected.”

Jared Dudley

Dudley also said that players will not be forced to stay in a bubble as previously discussed. Instead, they are allowed to go, but if they test positive for COVID-19 on their return, they are not allowed to play.

“When you come back with Corona, you can’t play,” said Dudley. “We are tested all the time … So gladly [LeBron James], [Anthony Davis] and all the top people we have, we’re going to wrap them in a bubble and don’t let them go anywhere. “

Jared Dudley

The Lakers have their eyes on the championship this season. They top the Western Conference with 49-14 records after defeating both major rivals, the Clippers and Bucks, before the NBA closed.

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