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Jayson Tatum is off-season, says Celtics’ assistant coach

the6man Jun 17

Jayson Tatum
Photo by Omar Rawlings / Getty Images

According to Jay Larranaga, Boston Celtics’ assistant coach, Jayson Tatum is in the off-season.

Tatum is one of the leaders of the Celtics and looks set to start the season again to help Boston win the title.

“There were a lot of safety rules that changed the environment. There is usually a group of observers and helpers when Jayson Tatum shoots jump shots.

Maybe two coaches to recover, another to give instructions, and sometimes even a member of the medical staff to oversee everything. But in this case, there was only assistant coach Jay Larranaga wearing a mask and gloves and wondering if he still had legs to hunt the faulty shots all by himself.

“I’m happy that Tatum never misses anything.” So I just stay under the tire. He looks like he’s off-season, “said Larranaga about Adam Himmelsbach from The Boston Globe.

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Yiannis Bouranis

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