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Jayson Williams accidentally killed his limousine driver!

the6man Jun 03

Image: pinterest.com

Former NBA All-Star player Jayson Williams invited limousine drivers into his mansion after a long night in 2002. Williams provided a luxury mansion tour for limousine driver Gus Christofi because he had never seen the house. Williams recalled entering the room and showing Gus his gun. Williams thought the gun was empty, but sadly he misunderstood it. The gun fired, and Gus killed him immediately. Williams said in a 60-minute interview: “If there is any way to bring Mr. Christophe back, I will do it.”

Williams was terrified of this situation, but did not evade all the consequences of what he did. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison and was acquitted for manslaughter. He also pleaded guilty to the increased offensive. Williams also said in an interview that he drank “one-fifth of the moonlight” to deal with his mental problems.

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