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Jazz head coach Quin Snyder admits the Orlando bubble has changed his perspective as a coach

the6man Jul 12

Quin Snyder Utah Jazz
Photo: Rick Bowmer / Associated Press

Quin Snyder admitted that the current situation with the corona virus has changed his perspective as a trainer.

The head coach of Utah Jazz said he and his coaching team were facing new challenges due to the extended season break and the Orlando bubble.

“You assume that because of the current season you don’t have so much to do because you can continue to do what you do. We really didn’t at some levels.

At the beginning of the year we had so many new players in the training camp that I trained our team a bit like a younger team. When I look back, I may have done it a little differently. This time we did it differently, ”Snyder said in a zoom call on Saturday Eric Walden of the Salt Lake Tribune.

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