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Jeannie Buss said that Magic Johnson plays a vital role in changing the culture of the Lakers

the6man May 23

Magic Johnson Lakers 2
Photo: Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press

The Los Angeles Lakers Governor Jeannie Buss praised Magic Jonhson for signing LeBron James and changed the culture accordingly.

Appear in Podcast “People Questions of Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson” Podcast, Bass clearly pointed out that the Magic has played a crucial role in the direction of the franchise in the past two seasons.

“Losing my father, losing Kobe, and letting the magician leave the position of president-although the magician and I still meet and communicate with each other-it is really an honor to work with the magician every day. I really like it It, but what makes me happy is that this is not something that makes him happy, he must do hard work every day. “

“(My father, Kobe, Magician, and David Stern) are all people who have influenced me. When I need help, I can always count on being there, and I have lost a lot, and it is difficult. But the Magic brought us to today. He asked LeBron James to say that the Lakers are back. Believe in this organization, we are moving in the right direction. I can no longer thank the Magic for their professional and commercial help in the most difficult times. Me. Operate, “ The bus says that every SB Nation.

During Johnson’s tenure, the Lakers have made a lot of progress and have taken several important steps to make the team a legal free agent again.

Although Bath tried to attribute Magic Johnson ’s franchise achievements to him this season, the current front office under Rob Pelinka also had a huge impact, completing Anthony Davis ( Anthony Davis’ deal and turned the Los Angeles Lakers into a championship contender, after he had been interrupted for seven years. Playoffs.

The entire episode:

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