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Jerry Reinsdorf demanded Michael Jordan’s 1998-99 Bulls championship opportunity

the6man May 21

At the end of ESPN’s popular documentary series “The Last Dance”, Jordan speculated what it would be like if the Bulls won another title in 1998-99.

But in an interview with NBC Sports Chicago, the Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf said that Jordan is participating in a bit of historical revisionism.

“I’m not happy. How? He knows more. Michael and I had some private conversations at the time, and I will not go into details later. But there is no doubt that Michael felt at the time that we could not form a championship team next year . “

Reinsdorf could not save Phil Jackson, Houston provided Scottie Pippen with a multi-year contract, while Luc Longley and Dennis · Players such as Dennis Rodman are in decline.

“If we bring that team back, they will be mad. Michael has been leading that team,” Reinsdorf said.

In addition, in an interview with ESPN, Reinsdorf explained that if the team is united, Jordan simply cannot participate in the game.

“During this period, no one wants to remember things [the] At work stoppage, Michael was tightening with cigar scissors, and then cut off his fingers. He did not participate in the competition that year. He has to perform surgery on his fingers, so even if we can bring everyone back, it does n’t make any sense. “

Reinsdorf and Jordan may never reach a consensus on what will eventually kill one of the sports dynasties, but they can both agree that the sport will last forever.

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