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JJ Redick talks about what he heard in the NBA return

the6man May 25

JJ Redick
Photo: Chuck Cook-USA Today Sports

There are many speculations about the NBA return. The most likely location for NBA games will be Disney World in Orlando, because it has the courts and hotels needed to accommodate players and return to the basketball court.

ESPN is also owned by Disney, which is one of the nationwide channels that broadcast television broadcasts. The NBA Finals is also broadcast on television via Disney-owned ABC.

There are also rumors that the NBA will enter the playoffs in the form of 1 to 16. This is possible because the travel factor will not hinder as usual.

JJ Redick heard the news about the NBA return Podcast by JJ Redick and Tommy Alter.

Redick said: “What I heard … The top 6 teams are basically locked.” They either fought or played meaningless games. Then 7-11 seeds or 7-12 in two meetings compete for 7-8 seeds. “

Teams outside the playoffs want their season to end, and 7-11 or 7-12 seeded teams that have two seats in the playoffs are fun.

The format of 1-16 will be interesting, because if a couple plays for the 15th and 16th seeds, the fans will get a better chance of playing, and more teams not participating in the playoffs will prepare for the draft, free agency And next season.

The NBA knows what is best for them and their brands, so we will have to wait and see to see their decisions.

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