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Joe Ingles reluctant to return to practice in the case of coronavirus

the6man May 17

Joe Ingles
Photo: Christian Peterson / Getty Images

Joe Ingles is reluctant to return to the driving range and participate in personal exercises on the Utah Jazz training ground.

Due to the pandemic virus pandemic, Ingus revealed that one of the main reasons why he had no intention of returning to the workplace was the safety of his pregnant wife, Renae.

“Obviously, the secret of Mrs. Reina ’s pregnancy is a big part of it. It ’s not worth it. I have a gym and everything I can do. From a basketball perspective, it ’s a little more difficult, but I think as we continue to explore about this More information on things, this will make decision making easier.

But I have no way to risk my child and Renae and go to basketball. They took some measures to get them into the area. I went through the whole process to gain a deeper understanding of what it looks like.

At the right time, I will go there to start preparations, but we need more information about whether to participate in the competition, I think my decision will be made after that. “1280 area, pass Sarah Todd of Dessert News.

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