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Joel Embiid comments on his knee injury

the6man Feb 05

Joel Embiid
Photo via: nbcphiladelphia.com

Joel Embiid gave an update on his knee injury sustained in a game against the Portland Trail Blazers. In the Cameroonian center he therefore had to leave the arena during the game. After assessing the injury, however, he was allowed to continue the game and returned to the field in the first quarter.

The three-time NBA All-Star appeared unaffected by the injury as he scored 37 points for another MVP-level performance. That wasn’t enough as the Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 121-105.

“I was pretty worried. You never want to mess with injuries, especially your knee. When the game went on, I felt fine. I mean, I wasn’t all there, but I tried to get it through. Let’s see how it feels in the morning, but I think I should be good, ”said Embiid per Rich Hofmann.

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