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John Stockton tied the NBA playoff record with 24 assists on this day in 1988

the6man May 18

Basketball: NBA Playoffs: Utah Jazz John Stockton (12) in the game, Los Angeles Lakers Robert Horry (5) in the forum. Match 3. Stockton failed.
Inglewood, California May 22, 1998
Credit: John McDonald (John W. McDonough / sports photo taken on Getty Images)
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John Stockton tied the NBA playoff record with Magic Johnson with 24 assists in the game against Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers. Stockton’s outstanding performance is not enough to represent his Utah Jazz, because the Lakers won 111-109 at home and led 3-2 in the second round.

Stockton scored 23 points and 5 steals in his 24 assists. Karl Malone contributed 27 points and 16 rebounds to Utah.

Johnson contributed 20 and 13 points for the Lakers. James Worthy scored 27 points and Byron Scott scored 24 points.

The Jazz won the sixth game 108-80 at home, which forced the seventh game, and the Lakers won the seventh game 109-98 in Los Angeles.

Stockton performed well in Game 7 and ended up with 29 points, 20 assists and 5 steals, but not enough. Karl Malone had 31 points and 15 rebounds. Both of them participated in the whole competition.

Johnson had 23 points, 16 assists and 9 rebounds, leading the Lakers to victory.

The Lakers defeated the Dallas Mavericks and Detroit Pistons in their respective seven games and won the championship.

For the Jazz, Stockton averaged 19.5 points, 14.8 assists and 3.4 steals per game. No one can achieve his and Johnson’s goal of providing 24 assists in the playoffs.

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