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Jonathan Isaac drops ACL

the6man Aug 03

Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac tore the ACL in his left knee on Sunday, causing a devastating blow to the young big man.

Isaac fell to the floor in pain after the jump of the two guards against the Sacramento Kings.

Then, in the heartbreaking scene, his head was pushed off the floor in his hands.

This is his second game since Isaac overextended his left knee to the Washington Wizards on January 1.

ESPN teammate Aaron Gordon said: “It’s really hard work.

“That time I shed tears-just because I know how a J.I. has worked since he was injured in the District of Columbia, how hard he has worked, and how hard he has tried to turn back. It’s very difficult.”

Isaac is now expected to miss most of the games next season, and there is a small gap between games this season and next season.

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