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Josh Smith claims an incident with James Harden in 2016 led to Kevin McHale’s dismissal

the6man May 18

Kevin McHale James Harden
Photo: Jeff Chiu / Associated Press

Josh Smith believes that an incident with James Harden in 2016 resulted in the dismissal of the then Houston Rockets head coach, Kevin McHale.

McHale decided to leave Harden on the bench during the Houston comeback against the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Semifinals.

The Rockets returned from a 19-point deficit and scored an important playoff win that most likely resulted in McHale leaving the team.

“James really isn’t playing the best we can, but it’s up to us to help him … So [McHale] made the submarine. It was like mine, Brewer, Trevor Ariza, Jason Terry and Dwight … they put James on the bench – so he was probably fired. I honestly believe that, ”said Smith, the former missile striker, the uninterrupted one.

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