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Kareem Abdul-Jabaar says NBA players should be vaccinated

the6man Feb 02

NBA Hall of Fame figure Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said that as part of a national public service announcement, NBA players should jump and be vaccinated to encourage skeptics to believe in COVID-19 The vaccine is safe.

Jabbar (73) received his vaccine on the camera a month ago to show its efficacy.

Now, Jabbar is not only a former professional basketball player, but also a famous writer and activist. He said that now is the time for NBA athletes to jump and receive the vaccine.

Jabbar argued that “certain populations are skeptical of vaccines.”

“Among the people who are unwilling to receive vaccination: African Americans and adults under the age of 35. Other groups have also increasingly received the idea of ​​vaccination,” Jabbar passed in his speech New York Times.

Of course, the NBA has a high propensity for African Americans under 35 or both.

Jabbar believes that vaccinating NBA players will have a more positive utilitarian effect on society than vaccinating COVID-19 lines.

Citing the precedent of Elvis Presley’s polio vaccination, Jabbar pointed out: “Public celebrity vaccination is a reasonable step to prove that the country is moving towards herd immunization, developing business and ultimately embracing our loved ones.”

There is no doubt that Kareem has weighed the pros and cons of the situation and made a judgment-but many in the NBA community may take a contrarian stand.

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This post is written by Chris Heckmann


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