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Kendrick Perkins’ emotional reaction to Kevin Durant called him a “sellout”.

the6man Jun 20

Photo via foxsports.com

Kevin Durant’s comment on Instagram, in which he described his former teammate Kendrick Perkins as a “sellout”, is the hot topic these days. The comment was published in Answer to Perkins, criticizing Kyrie Irving, who is committed to this for the boycott of the season.

In a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith about ESPN, the former NBA champion seemed to be wiping away tears while Smith shared what it means to be called a “sellout” in the black community.

“A” sellout “is a very derogatory label that is passed on to a black person who is believed to be acting against the wellbeing of their own community as a whole,” said Smith, admitting that he has been mentioned that name several times .

Then Perkins continued with his own answer:

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