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Kendrick Perkins: “The Pacers are one of the most slept teams in the NBA.”

the6man Jul 05

Domantas Sabonis
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Former NBA champion and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins believes the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference will still be a force to be reckoned with, even if they are without Victor Oladipo.

According to him, Indiana, although there is no superstar, is full of you players who can do many things on the pitch. They also play old school basketball. Perkins believes that no team in the east wants to play the Pacers in the playoffs.

“The Pacers are one of the most slept teams in the NBA. If you look at this Pacer team, they play inspiring basketball. Yes, they don’t have a superstar, but they do have a lot of young stallions, ”said Perkins at the Sports Center.

“If you look at a man like Sabonis, a first-time all-star who goes out there and gives you 18, 13 and 5. Then look at a man like TJ Warren who could give you 20 points a night. A young one Stallion in Myles Turner who was able to expand the floor and was at the top of the charts when blocking the shot. And then add Malcolm Brogdon, the Holiday brothers. They talk about Aaron Holiday and Justin Holiday, who are very versatile. “

“And do you know what about the Pacers? They place old school basketball. They intervene defensively, they play physically, they know their tasks and rotations and they play winning basketball. “

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