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Kyle Kuzma can “get much better”

the6man Jul 19

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The development of the players can be observed in the Orlando Bubble. Many young players will have the opportunity to play in the playoffs for the first time. You will gain valuable experience. Kyle Kuzma is one of these players. According to his trainer Frank Vogel, Kyle Kuzma can do a lot better.

Kuzma was a late choice in the first round that showed a lot of potential. He became that in his third year third piece to a team that comes first in the Western Conference. This season he’s averaged 12.5 points per game after averaging a career high of 18.7 points per game last year. The playoffs will be a great opportunity to show more growth after a disappointing year.

According to SB Nation Frank Vogel said::

“Of course he can do a lot better – he’s a young player, but he’s putting a lot on the table right now,” said Vogel. “And he’s in a difficult position because a lot of his peers his age, who are in teams with no established superstars, are given bigger roles, and he’s certainly able to do that, but his role on that team will be different.” And he had great acceptance for finding ways to contribute to basketball winning and had a great attitude about it. “

“It actually helped him round out his game, so to speak, rather than just focusing on the goal.” The defense, the rebound, the hustle and bustle that you may not focus so much on when you’re the young center of a crime. I think in the long run this will really help his career. “

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While the addition of Anthony Davis hurt his career, Kuzma is still a valuable option for this team. The third leg in a team led by LeBron James always had to accept the fall.

Players like Kevin Love and Chris Bosh were once in Kuzma’s position. They were forgotten because that was exactly what the crime required. Kuzma is a young player who has more time to develop.

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