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Kyle Kuzma defines what he thinks of white privileges

the6man Jun 10

Kyle Kuzma forever trade basketball

After the death of George Floyd, Kyle Kuzma was one of many athletes who opposed racism.

“That’s why white people have to be aware, it’s not just about your “heart” or your personal way of thinking. Just like someone said: “My body has no racial discrimination. “Kuzma wrote very well in the “Player Forum”.

The country has been hit by many protests seeking equality and social justice.

Countries called for police funding and system changes.

People want to hear their voices, and athletes like Kuzma are using their platforms and resources to help achieve this goal.

“The best analogy I’ve heard explains white privileges, which is an invisible backpack worn by every white man,” Kuzma continued.

“If you are white and once needed help, you can take off your backpack, open and pull out all kinds of garbage.”

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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