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Kyrie Irving rips NBA restart on zoom call

the6man Jun 13

Photo: dailysnark.com

During the June 12 zoom call with NBA players, Kyrie Irving shared his feelings about the NBA restart in Orlando.

“I don’t support going to Orlando,” Irving said to the players. “I’m not with systematic racism and bullshit. Something smells a bit like fish.”

“I am ready to give up everything I have (for social reforms),” added Irving.

Despite his comments, Irving said that if they chose to play, he would ultimately be with the group.

The call, which reportedly lasted about an hour and forty minutes, raised opinions, answered questions, and identified a common topic. Whatever we do, we’ll be there together Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports.

Irving will eventually have to explain to NBPA colleagues why he is so openly challenging a proposal that he did not push back hard last week, but the union must ultimately explain why only team representatives voted on the proposal … and why they were all 30 according to Marc Stein of the New York Times not on the call.

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