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Lakers and LeBron James conclude deal to reunite Smith

the6man Jun 30

Free agent guard Smith (J. R. Smith) will complete the trade for the rest of the season and join the Los Angeles Lakers and his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron James to restart the game in Orlando next month.

There were rumors last week that starting guard Avery Bradley decided not to join the Orlando team, rumors began to spread, and may be a replacement for Smith, especially due to his relationship with LeBron.

Smith hopes to play only 11 games last season and rebound after being released by the Cavaliers in July 2019.

Until now, the veteran guard has not signed in the 2019-20 season.

Smith was a teammate of LeBron’s Cavaliers for four seasons and was part of a long-established team that brought Cleveland the championship in 2016.

The 34-year-old player was also one of the most infamous moments in Cavaliers history when he missed the score in the first game of the 2018 Finals.

Smith averaged 10.6 points in that seven-game winning streak against the Warriors, and his shooting percentage reached 40%, which brought the Cavaliers back to 1 loss from 3 games.

The Lakers won’t officially sign Smith until July 1.

Walt Disney World’s NBA team list must be handed over to the league office on Wednesday.

The Lakers will begin to reorganize the top Western team with a record of 49-14 and seek their first championship since 2010.

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