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Lakers’ Anthony Davis talks about the impact of Alex Caruso

the6man Jan 31

Photo: Getty Images via CBS

Alex Caruso is a constant contributor to the Los Angeles Lakers, who do all the little things on both ends of the floor, especially in the closing moments of a game.

Lakers superstar Anthony Davis praised Caruso for his ability to make a positive impact on the game every time he speaks.

(over silverscreenandroll.com):

“He’s a smart player,” said Davis. “As you said, not the highest paid, doesn’t have all the accolades and certificates, and a lot of people don’t notice him, but he plays right. He locks up defensively, makes hard shots, scratchy.”

Davis was referring to Caruso’s big defensive game against Jaylen Brown in the final seconds of the highly competitive game against the Boston Celtics.

“He’s playing right, he’s making a positive difference to the game. We trust him completely to get him to the final lineup and he always comes up and makes big games like you saw at the end of the game tonight. “

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