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Laker’s assistant says it’s way too early to call the team favorites for the title

the6man Aug 24

Phil cell phone
Photo: Yahoo Sports

According to assistant coach Phil Handy, the Los Angeles Lakers should not yet be considered a title contender.

As Handy says, the Lakers have a great roster, but it’s too early to include them in the cover picture.

“For us, paper doesn’t win championships. Those names that are on this paper are some phenomenal names … we have to do our job and make sure we are a match.

Do we fit? These guys, they have to find ways to play with each other and make sacrifices and let their names take over. You know, you look at this slip of paper and say, Lakers are loaded, automatic championship.

No man, we have a lot to do to just gel, find our rhythm and stick together as a unit, ”Handy told SiriusXM. above Lee Tran from Fadeaway World.

With Russell Westbrook, the Lakers (along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis) have formed their own version of Big-3 and will challenge the Milwaukee Bucks for the title.

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