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Lakers’ Dwight Howard still downplays bubble needs masks

the6man Jul 21

For some reason, Dwight Howard has been talking about and posting information about masks on social media caveat Not worn

The Lakers center seems confident in the NBA’s bubble plan.

With so much, he is still questioning why he needs to wear a mask when performing ordinary bubble activities (such as hanging out by the swimming pool or in the laundry room).

After the audience who watched the live broadcast asked him where his mask was, Howard reiterated the common sense of the alliance mask agreement.

“I’m alone…” Howard replied.

In the later part of the video, Howard explained: “They sterilize everything. We are tested every day. Therefore, this is not to say that there is anyone around us who can provide it to us, because we have all been tested together… We have no contact with any outsiders.”

The 16-year veteran assured his audience: “I will wear a mask wherever I go. I got a mask, I got an extra mask…Who wants an NBA mask?

Once, Howard joked: “I didn’t know the coronavirus was looking for people in the air.”

Howard spent a maskless time talking with his followers, discussing bubble life, and delving into the topic of vaccines. He said he didn’t believe it.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel (Frank Vogel) once again emphasized the league’s concerns.

“Everyone must make a personal choice about this. Globally, everyone is making a personal choice. For us, we want to make sure we follow NBA Agreement They plan for us to help us stay as safe as possible. There is no 100% risk-free environment inside the bubble, we just want to follow these agreements as best we can.

So far, the NBA’s bubble plan has been successfully completed. Since July 13, zero players have received positive tests in Orlando.

Howard and the Lakers restarted their first game against the Clippers on July 30.

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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