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LaVar Ball has two preferred destinations LaMelo Ball

the6man Nov 01

LaVar Ball is now preparing for his third draft, as his son LaMelo is expected to be among the top five this year.

Ball (Ball) saw his eldest son Lonzo (Lonzo) was selected as the second overall pick of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2017, he hopes his younger son will meet an easy fate.

In 2018, Ball (Ball) saw LiAngelo Ball (LiAngelo Ball) go against Ball (Ball)’s wishes to participate in the draft, currently in the NBA G League with Oklahoma City Blue (Oklahoma City Blue) )game.

LaVar has two teams. He wants his youngest son to play, the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons.

In fact, his words were recorded in a video clip of The Pascal Show via YouTube.

Ball said: “I hope he is still in De Torrit in New York.”

He was asked about the Lakers, but Ball made it clear that he has no love for former head coach Luke Walton, and does not seem to like Ramello joining the LeBron James and Anthony Davis team Thoughts.

Bauer said: “The makeup they have now is not good for me.” “When they finish all the work of AD and LeBron here. Check, there is already a son in Los Angeles and a broken coach. So, no matter you go. Where, the key is to have the right coach behind you.”

From these comments, it is clear that LaVar Ball has a certain respect for both Pistons coach Dwane Casey and Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau.

In addition, LaMelo also received training on the draft in Detroit.

The Pistons and Knicks currently have No. 7 and No. 8 picks, but Ball is unlikely to fall that far in the draft.

However, a series of transactions may change the way these teams play.

Either way, no matter which team comes into contact with LaMelo, their last concern is LaVar Ball’s opinions.

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