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LeBron, Curry, Durant become the highest paid athletes in 2020

the6man Jun 01

Forbes announced the list of the highest-paid athletes in 2020.

Lakers forward LeBron James, Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Nets forward Kevin Durant all entered the top ten, ranking fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.

Among the three players, Curry has the highest salary, but LeBron’s endorsement income is the highest, exceeding 15 million US dollars.

Neither LeBron nor Durant are the top five most paid players in the NBA.

Curry is the highest paid player in the league, followed by Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, John Wall and James Harden.

of Forbes complete list An overview of the 100 most paid athletes.

In the first place is Roger Federer (Roger Federer), his income in 2020 exceeded 106 million US dollars, including 100 million US dollars endorsement.

The rest of the list includes football, baseball, international football, tennis, racing, golf, mixed martial arts and boxing league players.

NBA players took the top spot in 34 of the 100 positions.

However, NFL players have generally performed better, and so far, their season has not been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

So it is safe to say that compared to the highest-paid players in other leagues, the income of NBA players is incredible.

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