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LeBron James battles Michael Jordan

the6man May 19

LeBron James played with Michael Jordan as a teenager.

James first contacted MJ in 2001, when Jordan was preparing for a final comeback, and LBJ was only 16 years old.

James said in an uninterrupted video on Monday: “This guy is like Jesus Christ to me.” (Brian Winterhorst)

“For me, he is black Jesus.”

LeBron did not play with Jordan that day, but two years later he did have the opportunity to team up with his hero.

Shortly after being selected in June 2003, James was invited to attend Jordan ’s annual summer camp at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

LeBron James Michael Jordan scrimmage game

“We used to play around 9 pm. The camp will be over … We will stay with the college students he invited,” James said.

“We will have a good test in about an hour (15 hours per hour). Me and MJ are the same team and we did not lose the game.”

right now That It is the secret MJ lens the world needs next.

I hope someone is shooting that day, and we don’t have to wait 22 years to see it.

James is a bull fan in the process of growing up and believes that he will keep pace with Jordan.

Sadly, they just missed each other in the league, and Jordan retired a few months before James was selected.

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