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LeBron James discusses the controversial MVP contest

the6man Jul 21

Despite playing very well before the NBA offseason, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James (LeBron James) did well after the MVP game.

The decision was made because the league plans to restart the bubble season of 22 teams in Orlando, Florida next week.

There will be eight games in the regular season to determine the final seed for the playoffs.

Having said that, if he is nominated to win, “King James” will not have a chance to continue to win the fifth MVP trophy.

James said: “I will not be disappointed because it happened.”

“You control what you can control, but I can’t control it. As for the MVP competition, I think I have demonstrated my ability. We are not only individuals, but from a team perspective, we are number one in the West.”

The fact that James’ Lakers sit at the top of the Western Conference is proud of the future Hall of Fame.

In his first 15 years, James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat in the East.

For fans and analysts, discussing the “easier” route that James has experienced during difficult Western meetings has always been a topic of discussion.

“There are many topics, ‘LeBron can do those things in the East, but if he has been to the West, what would he do?” James said.

During the stoppage, James averaged 25.7 points per game and was the league’s best 10.6 assists.

In the same season, he became the sixth player in league history to average at least 25 points and 10 assists per game.

According to James, he didn’t realize this until a reporter asked him about voting rules on Monday.

On Saturday, Lakers coach Frank Vogel (Frank Vogel) supported James’ MVP bid.

After the All-Star break, in 10 games in Los Angeles, LeBron James averaged 30 points, 55% shooting (37% from the three-point line), 9 assists and 8.2 rebounds. .

The Lakers ended the game against the Boston Celtics and Clippers 8-2, while Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Milwaukee Bucks.

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This post is written by Eric Magana


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