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LeBron James has the upper hand in Donald Trump’s tweet about Bubba Wallace

the6man Jul 07

Lakers forward LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James responded to a tweet from President Donald Trump about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

Two weeks ago, Wallace discovered a noose at Talladega’s booth, which prompted the FBI to investigate possible hate crimes.

Finally, it was determined that the noose has been tied since October, and all relevant parties have taken a step forward.

The strong reaction caused by this situation eventually led the President to express his views on this situation via Twitter.

In his tweet, President Trump asked Wallace if he had apologized to all NASCAR officials and drivers because the situation he was involved in was a “scam”.

Most of Trump’s tweets appear to have misleading information about NASCAR’s noose and ratings reports.

Wallace posted its own statement Explain to black children how to always target them and have more expectations for them.

He added that when choosing their own path, they should raise their heads and fight hatred with love, even if such hatred is “from POTUS”.

LeBron James tweeted response Support Baba Wallace.

James supported Wallace’s outcry in a sport in which there were very few statements on such issues.

Wallace approached this issue with an elegant and first-class attitude. When it comes to “King James” speaking on social justice and racial inequality, NBA fans are very aware of this.

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