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LeBron James: “If you’re a ball player, you can’t think of Kobe every day.”

the6man Jul 29

LeBron James Kobe Bryant
Photo: Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

The legacy of Kobe Bryant can still be felt today. According to LeBron James, the superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers, it is impossible for anyone who likes to play basketball to not think about the late Kobe every day.

“Kobe’s legacy, his presence here every day. You put on purple & gold, you put on Laker clothes. They think about basketball in general. Before I became a Laker, his legacy was cemented. So I had the opportunity, not only to play with him in all-star games, but also with the Olympic team several times. If you like the game, you play the game, even if you don’t play the game, you can’t think of Kobe every day. “

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