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LeBron James opted to do the basketball business by joining the Lakers, says Colin Cowherd

the6man Jul 14

Lebron James
Photo via: www.nbcsports.com

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd says LeBron James’ move to Los Angeles was a business decision rather than a basketball decision. With Avery Bradley and now Rajon Rondo from the squad, the Lakers are not a championship team. According to Cowherd, LeBron would have been wise to opt for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2018.

“LeBron preferred business to basketball and I support it. Because LeBron has achieved so much, 99% of you will never allow him to be MJ, so he has the second largest all-time place. And the business in LA went through the roof. It was better than I thought. I am told by people near LeBron that he loves LA, his children love LA, his family loves LA. The billionaires lined up to support LeBron. His net worth is $ 750 million, he’s almost a billionaire, and the business is incredible. His legacy was formed. He is the first or second best basketball player ever, so I support him, ”said Cowherd.

“But this morning and yesterday, when I see the story that Rondo is injured, he doesn’t win a title. The clippers in the same building are healthy, rested and 9 to 10 deep. So Avery Bradley is not there now. He is one Beginners. And Rondo is not there. He’s a real rotation playoff guy with high IQ. This is not a championship team. “

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