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LeBron told Obama in a joke that he would pick cherries next season

the6man Nov 02

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and business partner Maverick Carter recently sat down with former US President Barack Obama to discuss the transition from the NBA Finals to the upcoming The topic of the general election.

The 35-year-old James won the Bill Russell Finals MVP Award for leading the Lakers to the 17th championship.

As COVID-19 may speed up the offseason, James joked that he might have to cancel some games in the first half of the season to breathe.

The dialogue of this exchange has passed Silver screen and roll:

Carter: “LeBron, the season is coming. Are you still ten years away? Five years from now? You look like the last time we saw you on the court was about 5-10.”

Obama: “Did you know? He will definitely have a few minutes limit. I’m not sure if he will return to D in the first half of the season.”

LeBron: “(Laughs) The first half of the season, I’m picking the first half of the season (laughs).”

Obama: “Hey, the important thing is that you must prepare yourself.”

LeBron: “Yes, sir.”

Of course, James was joking when he said he would be “critical” in an NBA game-but it’s still funny to hear the jokes between the world’s greatest basketball player and the former president.

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